Influencer Marketing is a trend taking the social media world by storm. Large businesses and corporations are implementing this practice daily. Whether promoting their product through big-name celebrities, micro-influencers on YouTube, or those with a substantial following on social media, influencer marketing is everywhere, and it could be the next marketing strategy your business requires.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing consists of working with someone who has a significant following on social media and utilizing them to promote your brand or product. A macro-influencer is someone with a substantial social media following, like celebrities. Micro-influencers are those in a specific niche that attracts a highly engaged audience in categories such as fitness, health, beauty, fashion, and technology. According to Forbes, a micro-influencer will have anywhere between 10,000 and 500,000 followers. However, it’s not necessarily the number of followers they have that matters, but rather how engaged their audience is. These audiences consider influencers authentic and trustworthy, which is why partnering with them can be an extremely useful marketing resource for your brand.

What does Influencer Marketing Look Like?

If your brand or business decides to partner with a group of micro-influencers or a macro-influencer, they would be promoting your brand on their social media channels. Either through a post, Instagram story, Youtube video, blog post, Tweet, etc. Influencer marketing is especially popular on Instagram and Youtube. As the popularity of Youtube continues to soar, YouTubers have become influencers and even “celebrities” in their own right, with extremely dedicated followings which make them perfect for influencer marketing. A sponsored Youtube video is a great way to market your brand or product. Take a look at some of these effective Influencer Marketing campaigns to get a better idea:

Depending on the level of influence a person has, influencer marketing can get pricey. However, working with micro-influencers prove incredibly useful for smaller businesses and is a great way to get the ROI from your marketing strategy that you need.

How it is Changing Traditional Marketing

With influencer marketing becoming more and more popular, it is changing the way companies advertise their products. Traditional marketing would include television ads, radio, billboards, and print ads. More companies are looking at the data and switching from conventional channels to influencer marketing because it gives such great results. Other companies are merging the two tactics to form integrated marketing strategies. Increased marketing is occurring through social media as companies are starting to understand that customers are more likely to buy a product from someone they know and trust who is promoting it. 

This type of marketing allows a business to form a stronger relationship with their audience. Micro-influencers are a cost-effective way for small businesses to benefit from the advantages that influencer marketing possesses. With all the noise in the market, influencer marketing is one way to begin building trust and positioning your brand with your customers. 


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