Now is the Time for Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies

Adams Media Group Services Adams Media Group (AMG) is a premier consulting firm that specializes in business development and strategic planning. All of your business’ marketing and advertising aspirations will be realized under the expert direction of AMG’s top consultants.

AMG’s focus on digital media will give your business the edge it needs to stay ahead in an increasingly virtual world. AMG provides businesses with tailored solutions to increase productivity and generate revenue to raise your bottom line.

Perhaps you’re starting a new business and need to draw in clientele, but aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe your business is off the ground and sailing smoothly, but you feel that it could go even further with a new strategic plan and well-placed ads. We can help you set up a social media account, tie it in with your business’ website, and provide useful tips on the best ways to interact with customers virtually. Or we can do it all for you. We’ll also create informative Internet ads to start spreading the word to customers that your existing or newly added services can meet their needs.

Whether your company is barely hatched or flying high, AMG can provide you with the direction and momentum to reach your most ambitious professional goals.

Give us a call at 772-492-6570 and we’ll discuss your objectives and how our services can help you achieve them. After we’ve determined that there is a fit, we’ll work with you virtually or in person to understand exactly what you hope to accomplish, the kinds of cases you wish to attract, your budget, your strengths and weaknesses, and anything else that can help us tailor a marketing plan to fit your needs.

We can assist you with:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Public & Media Relations
  • Branding
  • Traditional Advertising (Print, Radio, Television)
  • Video: Testimonials & Commercials

Online Services

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adwords Campaigns & Search Engine Rankings
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Generating Positive Customer Reviews
  • Proper Social Media Implementation / Management

We will also provide a budget breakdown to show you where your dollars are being spent.