Social media has become a marketing gold mine. More and more businesses are focusing their energy on connecting with their audiences on social media to create brand awareness and maintain loyal customers.

The Power of Social Media

Social media has the power to take your business marketing to the next level if you have the right strategy. It can increase website traffic, revenue, improve brand awareness, and create more loyal and satisfied customers. The problem is finding a way to stand out among all the noise. Social media is flooded with businesses trying to advertise their products and services, so how are you supposed to make your mark and grow your following?

Having a solid social media marketing strategy is key. It’s not as simple as signing up and then expecting results. It’s crucial to find out what platform your audience is on, so you can reach them directly and you’re not just shouting into the void.   

The Platforms

There is no “one size fits all social media platform.” Each one caters to a specific audience. Finding your audience is imperative to your success on social media.


It is no surprise that Facebook is the most used social medium, with over 1.94 billion monthly active users. Of those over one billion users, 72% of them are adults.

Perhaps what is so enticing about Facebook for businesses is that it is an incredibly powerful solution for running ads and finding your ideal target audience online. You can reach your audience on Facebook and Instagram by using Facebook Ads, boosting posts, Facebook Live, and so much more. Facebook Analytics makes it easy to track how well you are engaging with your followers and allows you to gain insight into what areas you can improve on. Facebook is a must use for any business.


Owned by Facebook, but connected to an entirely different audience, Instagram is in its own world. It is considered the fastest growing social media platform today. The popular photo and video-sharing app has over 800 million monthly active users, and over half of them use the app daily.  

Instagram reaches a much younger audience than that of its partner site, Facebook. Only about 28% of Instagram users are over 35. Instagram makes it extremely easy to engage with your audience, which is why it can be such a helpful tool when it comes to marketing your business.

Instagram makes it easy to:

  • Share visual content with your audience
  • Reach a younger demographic
  • Interact with customers on a personal level
  • Promote your posts to reach more people
  • Gain insights into how your profile is growing

If Instagram sounds like it makes sense for your business, sign up now. It continues to be successful, and the momentum is not predicted to slow down any time soon.


Twitter is a social media platform unlike any other. It is used primarily as a conversation tool and is excellent for reaching out to customers individually as a customer service resource. If used correctly, Twitter can really step up your engagement and allow you to interact with your customers in a unique way.

Twitter boasts:

The most common mistake businesses make is using Twitter the same way they use Instagram or Facebook. The aim of the platform is very different and should be treated as such. If you’re looking to dialogue with, and provide timely feedback to your customers in real-time, Twitter is the place for you.

Every social media channel caters to a different audience. To generate success, you need to find who your audience is and where they are engaging on social media. Understanding your audience is key to unlocking your business’ full social media marketing potential.

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